8 Best Free Job Posting Sites for 2023

Mukarram Mugal Mukarram Mugal
23, Sep 2023
8 Best Free Job Posting Sites for 2023

In today's rapidly changing business world, attracting and retaining top talent is essential for success. But you don't need a huge budget to find skilled, motivated employees who can help your company grow.

There are many free job posting sites available, each with a vast pool of potential candidates. 

This article will explore the best free job posting platforms 2023, discuss their main features.

1. Indeed: The Versatile Job Posting Platform

Job-Search-Indeed (1).png

Indeed is a great all-around job posting platform that offers unlimited free postings for certain positions. This makes it a good choice for businesses of all sizes. Indeed also has a robust applicant tracking system, so you can efficiently manage the recruitment process.


  • Extensive reach with unlimited free job postings

  • Comprehensive applicant tracking system

  • Cost-effective hiring solution


  • Sponsored jobs come at a cost

  • Competitive job market


2. Handshake: The Go-To Platform for Hiring Fresh Graduates

Students-Handshake (1).png

Handshake is a job posting platform that specializes in connecting employers with college students and recent graduates. It offers unlimited free job postings, as well as virtual career fairs and interviews, making it a great option for hiring entry-level employees.


  • Access to a large pool of recent graduates

  • Built-in virtual interview capabilities

  • Premium partnership option for enhanced features


  • May not be suitable for hiring experienced candidates

  • Some features require additional fees


3. Learn4Good: The Job Posting Site for Students

Schools-College-Admissions-Online-Courses-Jobs-in-USA-Europe-UK-CA-NY-English-free-job-postings-UAE (1).png

Learn4Good is a job posting site specifically for students looking for part-time or temporary work. With a free employer plan, you receive 20 job posting credits over six months. The platform sends job applications directly to your inbox or phone in real-time. While the credit-based system may be confusing at first, you can upgrade to a paid plan for more credits.


  • Connect with current students

  • No credit card required for posting jobs

  • International job search options


  • Limited free job postings

  • Credit-based system


4. SimplyHired: Reach More Candidates With Free Job Postings

 Job-Search-Engine-SimplyHired (1).png

SimplyHired is a job aggregator that distributes your job postings to over 100 job sites. You can post unlimited jobs for free, but you'll need to pay to contact potential candidates. SimplyHired also offers applicant tracking tools to help you manage the recruitment process efficiently.


  • Reach a wide audience with free job postings
  • Manage the recruitment process efficiently with built-in applicant tracking tools


  • Contacting applicants costs money
  • Competitive job market


5. Guru: The Freelancer Finder

Guru-com-Find-and-Hire-Expert-Freelancers (1).png

Guru is a platform for finding freelance talent, such as writers, programmers, and web developers. You can post jobs for free, but there is a handling fee per invoice. Guru streamlines the hiring process and helps you manage freelance projects efficiently.


  • Specialized in freelance talent
  • Free job postings with handling fee refund options
  • Unlimited job postings


  • Handling fee can add up
  • Limited to freelance roles


6. Wellfound: Find Top Talent for Your Startup

Wellfound-formerly-AngelList-Talent-Startup-Job-Search (1).png

Wellfound(AngelList) is a job posting platform tailored for startups seeking innovative talent. With unlimited free job postings, you can connect with candidates eager to work for budding businesses. The platform also offers advanced search filters and additional features through its paid plans.


  • Ideal for startup recruitment
  • Unlimited free job postings
  • Unique business profile features


  • Paid plans can be expensive
  • Niche audience


7. PostJobFree: Budget-Friendly Job Posting

Post-Jobs-for-Free (1).png

PostJobFree is a reliable job posting platform that distributes job posts to multiple websites and job boards. You can post up to ten jobs per day for free, or upgrade to a premium membership for additional benefits, such as access to a résumé database and applicant tracking.


  • Free job postings on multiple job boards

  • Affordable premium plans

  • Access to résumé database


  • Lack of applicant tracking

  • Limited free job postings


8. LinkedIn: Feature-Rich Job Posting for Professionals

LinkedIn-Log-In-or-Sign-Up (1).png

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform with over 930 million members worldwide. It offers one free job posting, and its pay-per-click model allows you to boost your job's visibility. LinkedIn also provides robust applicant tracking tools to streamline the hiring process.


  • Access to a vast pool of candidates

  • One free job posting

  • Affordable pay-per-click options

  • Robust applicant tracking tools


  • Limited to one free job posting at a time

  • Competitive job market


Thinking of launching an online job portal?

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