How to choose best WordPress appointment booking plugin

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17, Oct 2022
How to choose best WordPress appointment booking plugin

Does your business need online booking? Are you looking for an appointment booking plugin to modernize your business and provide more customer convenience?

By identifying the right booking plugin, you give your customer a satisfying environment as well as avoid the side effects of error-prone booking plugins such as wastage of client's time and frustration.

In this guide, we will talk about the benefits of the best Booking plugin and how to identify it so that you can easily manage all your appointments.

Let’s get started. 


What is the best WordPress appointment booking plugin?

Booking plugins come with many different features that help you grow your online appointment business with ease. The best booking plugin will give you a great user experience, easily integrate into your WordPress site, and make the appointment booking process user-friendly.

However, looking ahead a bit, you may want to keep a few specific features in mind that should help you choose the right plugin and meet your needs. For this, you should know what is important for your business goal.

There are a few specific factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing the best online booking plugin.


If the facility of booking with the calendar is available on your website then how easy it will be for the customer to book? Booking with Calendar can be a great option whether you are a large business owner or you are someone who offers reservations through websites and need to automate booking or scheduling online to provide the service.

Mobile Responsive

In view of the competition in the market today, booking from the desktop as well as mobile is a beneficial deal for the business. Now if your plugin is not mobile-friendly then such a plugin can prove to be harmful to your business. The best WordPress scheduling plugin has both backend and frontend fully responsive and easily adapt to fit any screen size.


Customers look forward to offers and discounts, you make them feel special and smart when you offer coupons. With this type of loyalty, you avoid losing your customers and keep them engaged with you.

One such WordPress appointment booking plugin is Bookme which allows you to provide your customer with a promotional code to get a discount on any service.

Form Builder

Do you need to get extra details while booking an appointment? Or do you want to get the details from the customer according to you?

So a plugin that provides you with a custom form builder would be a better choice. This feature caters to your business needs and gives you a unique user experience.

Online Payments

Some plugins come with the facility of online payment while booking. If your business needs to capture payment details with the online booking then this will be useful for you. Doing this saves valuable time not only for you but for your customer.



I hope this information will be helpful for you in choosing the right online booking plugin. Overall you must have known that it is important to know your business goal first for the right choice.

To help you choose the best booking plugin keeping in mind so many important factors here's a plugin I would recommend

Bookme - that is capable of meeting every kind of need related to reservations. Whether you own a large business or you’re an individual who offers reservations through websites and needs to automate online booking or scheduling to provide service.

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