How to create QR code contactless digital restaurant menu

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05, Jan 2023
How to create QR code contactless digital restaurant menu

Are you a restaurant, hotel, or bar owner? Are you looking for the best contactless digital QR code menu maker, to convert your physical menu into a digital QR menu and increase customer satisfaction?

In the age of coronavirus, it became necessary to avoid physical touch and keep social distance. So whether you are a restaurant owner or a bar, cafe, or hotel owner, contactless menus have become essential to your business and its goals. People have adopted this change so much that it has become a trend today.

We will talk to you about how to make a QR code digital menu. What are its benefits? How to start a contactless digital menu making business?


Let's get started

What is a digital QR code menu?

A digital QR code menu is an online menu that a customer can scan on their smartphone to view the menu, select the menu of their choice and place an order.

Some QR code menu makers also provide you the facility of payment with the order. One such best QR code menu maker is Quick QR which allows you to design a QR code with a logo and multiple types of QR templates to download where you can print your new QR Code menu in your restaurant or bar so that it can be scanned easily by customers.


Benefits of QR Code Menu

1. Become eco-friendly

QR code menu allows customers to reduce the cost and waste of printing single-use paper menus and safely browse your menus from their own devices.

2. Offer the easiest and safest experience

Provide your customers with a contactless system to instantly view your digital menus! No app download is required.

3. Add a QR Code to anything.

Download QR codes and print them on anything from menus to marketing materials like flyers, table tents, and sandwich boards.

4. Quick QR menu delivery

Our pre-designed QR template makes it easy to create your menu quickly.

5. Easy menu updates.

Fastly change your menu items, prices, and descriptions that appear on your digital menu without reprinting your QR menu every time.

6. Menus according to customer behavior

Find out which items your customers like most and which are most common.


How to make a contactless digital QR Code menu for your restaurant or bar?

The easy and quick process of creating a QR Code menu makes QuickQR the best QR menu maker among others. In less than a minute create your restaurant’s menu QR Code with this no-contact digital menu maker.

It helps your customers to instantly communicate with you, at every moment. Take a look at these 4 steps restaurant’s menu creation process.


Step 1: Go to QuickQR’s QR Code Manage Restaurant

best QR menu maker

In this first step you need to fill in your restaurant’s information like restaurant Name, subtitle, restaurant timing, description of your restaurant, logo image, cover image, address location, etc. Also, you have an option to allow your customer to send an order or not. Why QuickQR is the best QR Code menu maker because of its unique and advanced multi-template feature that allows you to choose which template you want to show your customer.


Step 2: Create a Restaurant Menu

best QR menu maker

Create your menu categories and their dishes or item, upload item images, and add as much information as you want about the dishes you offer. Add extras to your menu item. You have the option to set the availability of an item and extras.


Step 3: Design QR Code

best QR menu maker

QR Code generator allows you to design QR codes as you want. You can change the foreground color, background color, padding, corner radius, etc.

Also, you have the option to choose a mode of QR code with logo (set your logo icon in QR code), text (add your restaurant text or title in QR Code), or basic. change the size of the logo icon and text or its position to look perfect.


Step 4: Download a high-quality QR Code

best QR menu maker

You have the option to download the QR Code in PNG format. Once downloaded QR Code, you can apply it in anything print materials from menus to marketing materials like flyers, table tents, and sandwich boards. We provide 3 pre-design QR templates (flyers), you can download them and edit them to print and online advertising. No need to reprint your QR menu every time, you can live updates to your digital menu at any time.


Start Business of QR Code Restaurant Menu Maker

If you want to start a digital QR menu maker business to offer QR menus related services to restaurant owners then I recommend you best Sass PHP script for a Contactless digital restaurant QR menu maker.

Use QuickQR digital QR menu maker and impress your clients with service speed, amplify your reach, and save valuable time to “wait for the waiter” because your customers deserve smarter tables. To begin, follow these steps:

For Restaurants

  1. Register and create Your Restaurant’s account.
  2. Go to the menu page and create your menu.
  3. Print your QR codes for tables, and wait for orders!

For customers

  1. Use the phone camera or QR Application to scan the code.
  2. Scroll around the menu and make your order.
  3. Your order is instantly received, and it’s coming!

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