How to create a spa scheduling website with Bookme?

Anukrati Mathur Anukrati Mathur
05, Jan 2023
How to create a spa scheduling website with Bookme?

Do you want to build up a website for your spa but can’t figure out how? Do you feel it’s tedious, confusing, and expensive? Not at all… with the help of Bookme, you will be able to create a website for your spa that can take online appointments. “Gen Z” is running the search engine online for almost all kinds of needs and requirements. And in such a scenario, you won’t be able to survive the competitive industry without taking your business online.


It is a common practice to search for nearby Spa or saloon online before one decides where to visit. So, in order to attract more bookings, and secure more business having an interactive online spa scheduling website for your salon or spa is important. If you want to know “how to create a spa scheduling website with Bookme” then you are on the right track. Let’s get started


How to set up your website with Bookme

If you are planning to create a spa scheduling website using Bookme, then follow these steps and it will be done in a blink. Minimum coding knowledge and effort are required. On your WordPress admin page search for Bookme. Install the plugin just by clicking on it. Then step by step start adding categories.

Then, begin to add categories like types and number of services time slots, and payment methods step by step.

Customize the booking page, colours, and fields, as per your requirements. One must try to make the design as attractive as possible. This would eventually attract more n more audience and hence, it will increase the number of customers.


Smooth Booking Process

After you are successfully done with the setup of your spa scheduling website then, anyone can immediately start scheduling appointments. A smooth and seamless process of the booking will surely attract more audience and clients. There is also a high chance that the client will book again if he gets a smooth and hustle-free booking experience. The availability of the booking service on the website 24*7 will bring in a better customer experience.


Offers Unlimited Options of Services to Choose

With the Bookme WordPress booking plugin, you can create a large number of options when it will come to choose services for example in a spa or a saloon you can categorize the service in terms of brand, luxury, and prices. Also if you plan to add other services like Hair-cut, Shampoo, skincare, or laser

treatment, anytime then that can also be customized on the admin page whenever you wish. So, this way the client can also choose the service as per their convenience without any confusion and it will give a very user friendly and interactive experience to your client, hence boosting the revenue.

With the Bookme WordPress plugin, you will be able to take online payments making transactions very smooth and cashless. Also, the payment if taken in advance will secure the booking and then the client is less likely to cancel.


Responsive Nature of Bookme WordPress Plugin

The responsive and interactive nature of the Graphics User Interface in the WordPress plugin Bookme gives a very appealing look to anyone who visits your website. Hence, the look of your website will leave a good impression on the client’s mind and there is a high chance that the client might rebook.

Whenever somebody wants to book a service in a spa, the first thing he or she will begin with is, checking the Saloon or Spa nearby, ratings, availability, and pricing. Now having a platform where the client is easily able to go through the menu of your services, can help you win the competition. Now, this platform or website you will create should be responsive and user-friendly enough that it fits on the desktop as well as mobile.



There is no rocket science in building a spa scheduling WordPress website with Bookme. You just have to search for the Bookme WordPress plugin on the WordPress plugin page and install it. Then you have to choose categories and create an attractive website by choosing colours of your choice. Offer various brands, luxury packages, and discounts to make things look catchy.

Bringing your business online is the best decision to boost revenue and our WordPress booking plugin Bookme will surely make your spa scheduling website creation journey very smooth.

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