How to get more appointments on your schedule.

Anukrati Mathur Anukrati Mathur
07, Jan 2023
How to get more appointments on your schedule.

Want to increase business? Level up your number of appointments by following a few steps and closing more deals. The process is although tricky yet simple. You will have to be a bit bold enough to catch the modern trends in order to survive the high-rising competition. Let us put it this way, you have to earn it. 

The sales department is responsible for getting the appointments, end-to-end catering of service or activity, and getting payment from the client. Now, comes a stage where clients tend to cancel or no-show after booking. And if you want to stop this and bring in confirmed appointments without any sale loss and secure the appointments, then we have a way out of it. Go through the below points for getting more appointments with the Bookme WordPress booking plugin. 

Increase the call-to-action button throughout your site

Having an online booking system can definitely get more appointments and the availability of a call-to-action button will bring more ease for the client to reach your booking form in seconds and book quickly. Users will be able to book 24*7 according their convenience even during outside business hours. They will not have to call and wait to check for slots, they can just select the available slot online using the internet-based online booking system in the Bookme WordPress booking plugin, and hence, this can make the journey of booking an appointment very easy.

Ensure your booking forms are optimized for mobile

Most online shopping and bookings are made online using mobile phones. So, you have to keep in mind that you create an interactive form that is also smartphone friendly. The forms that have been designed for desktops might not be mobile-friendly. If the booking system does not support smartphones, then there is a high chance that you will lose clients. Bookme WordPress booking plugin can be optimized for mobile so it is best suited for your new venture.

Placing a booking button in your email signature

Email is the best way for business communication with prospective as well as current clients. So, placing a booking button on your signature and the email can definitely bring in more bookings. 
Emails are a very exposed and highly personalized form of communication. If you set up a booking button on your signature then there is a huge chance of an increase in the number of appointments and bookings. The booking button can also be present in marketing emails and monthly business newsletters.

Add links to your booking system on youtube and Twitter

It is also a good idea to use the links and buttons of your online booking forms on your social media channels also. Potential clients can directly click the links and directly land into your online appointment booking system, this will not only increase the number of appointments for your business but will also leave a wonderful customer experience.

Use of customized booking forms on all of your service pages

It has been observed that the same form is used throughout the website for all the services. But the services are different. So, the discovery information from the client will be more appropriate if you customize your forms according to the type of service the client selects. With the use of customizable booking forms, you will be able to add or delete fields according to requirements. And separate and unique types of forms can be made for different services. 

Responsive Design

The best web design is one that fits in the frame of the customer's screen and expectations. The design of the website must be such that it responds to your behavior and environment based on various factors like screen size, platform, and orientation. Bookme WordPress booking plugin provides a completely responsive front-end design that provides a transforming approach to boost your business based on the needs of the user.

Use of Unique booking forms

Design the booking form in such a way that it is both attractive as well as interactive with the client. A well-designed booking form will be able to bring in more clients and close more deals. Most online booking systems provide a poorly designed form that asks too many questions, leading to a waste of time. Asking a lot of irrelevant questions will irate the client. You should focus on creating a form that is to the point and simple. So, that the process of booking is smooth and hustle free.


The key to boost the number of appointments is to choose mobile friendly WordPress booking plugin with a responsive web design. Adopt an online booking system with customizable forms to get more appointments on your schedule and hence bring growth to your business. There will be a jaw-dropping increase in your business using an online booking system.
Our product Bookme WordPress booking plugin is a wholesome resolution for making an internet-based online booking system and hence, improving business revenue and spreading the business all over the world.

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