Why do we stop selling QuickAI PHP Script?

Hello to all,

Unfortunately, we've got some bad news to share. The Bylancer Team has made the difficult decision to permanently stop selling the QuickAI PHP Script. It's a heavy call, and we're sorry for delivering it this way. We apologize for the delayed notification, understanding the inconveniences this situation may cause. The challenges posed by this decision impact both us and our valued customers, and for that, we sincerely apologize.

We provided an innovative SaaS-ready script with open-source codes to kickstart your AI business. However, our intention was never for it to become a tool for illegal use or causing trouble. Right from the beginning, we urged users to use QuickAI responsibly.

Unfortunately, things took an unexpected turn. People started getting QuickAI through illegal ways (nulled scripts), modifying and using them for unintended purposes. Some customers customize the original QuickAI script for illegal use only, which completely goes against our policy and user agreement. By the way, that agreement has been there on the item sale page on Envato from the very start, and it's right there on the script installation page too.

We were in the middle of working on a big update, but because of the illegal use of the modified QuickAI script, people started blaming us for creating this script. And many send legal notices to develop this kind of script. So we have to take this hard decision.

Again we're sorry for delivering this kind of news.

- Bylancer Team