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Quickad Classified PhpScript Documentation

Version 1.2
Last Updated Documtation - 1 June 17


Thank you for purchasing Quickad Classified. We covered almost everything in this document that how easily you can setup this script. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to use the free support forums.

Author : Bylancer

Demo : Quickad Demo

First of all, copy code folder and paste to your server/localhost.

  • Open your site url in browser.
  • It will redirect to /install directory.
    • Step 1: Choose language. and click Next Write codecanyon purchase code.
    • Step 2: Write codecanyon purchase code.
    • Step 3: Create a database with phpmyadmin.
    • Step 4: Enter database dbhostname,dbusername,dbpassword,dbname. and click Next
    • Step 5: Enter Admin login details. and click Next
  • All is done Installation completed. click on frontend and enjoy with wchat
  • Installation

Go to Admin > Configuration

Change Theme Color.

Go to templates directory > open meterial-theme directory after open file overall_header.html file. Now you have to add color code in following line. Follow screen shot.


Go to Admin > Configuration


Go to Admin > Change Theme

More Theme Coming Soon

Change Theme

Go to Admin > Configuration

All demo category are pre inserted on theme activation. If you want to change it here is a category management tool. As you can see in following screenshot.

Go to Admin > Manage Category.