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Alert Dialog

Dialogs display a text and require user to acknowledge the message.

Confirm Dialog

It can be use if you want user to accept request or something.

Prompt Dialog

If you want user to input a value than prompt dialog is best match.

Ajax - Multiple Dialog

You can use it for multiple request.

Custom Labels

You're not limited to the "Ok" and "Cancel" button labels. You can easily set your own labels.

Promise Aware

If your browser supports promises, you can use them instead of callbacks.

Hide in 10 seconds

By the click on ok button dialog will be hide in 10 seconds

Disable Log On Click

Clicking on a log message to close is disabled by default, but if you've enabled it and need to reset it to disabled, you can do so very easily.

Standard Log with callback

Keep in mind that the when setting a callback, clicking the log message doesn't automatically close the log message, which is different than previous functionality. This means that the callback could be called multiple times if the user clicks multiple times. If you're callback is an action that must be completed only once, you'll need to keep track of that separately.

Resetting Default Values

When you change values like the button labels, delays, default prompt values or placeholders, etc., you can easily reset the defaults.

Error Log with callback

Success Log with callback