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Single Images Lightbox (Official Documentation)

Three simple popups with different scaling settings.
1 — fits horizontally and vertically,
2 — only horizontally,
3 — no gaps, zoom animation, close icon in top-right corner.

Lightbox Gallery

In this example lazy-loading of images is enabled for the next image based on move direction.

Zoom Gallery

If you wish to open the popup only after image is fully loaded, you may preload image via JS. Or use scaled down image instead of thumbnail. Zoom effect works only with images, for now.

Popup With Video Or Map

In this example lightboxes are automatically disabled on small screen size and default behavior of link is triggered.

Modal Popup

A modal popup disables the usual ways to close popups.
Open modal

Modal dialog

You won't be able to dismiss this by usual means (escape or click button), but you can close it programatically based on user choices or actions.


Error Handling

This is just basic example of how error messages are displayed. Surely, you can change text or style them.

With Css Animation

Animations are added with simple CSS transitions, you can make them look however you wish.