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Disable display input

Just add data-displayInput=false

Cursor mode

Just add data-cursor=true

Display previous value

Just add data-displayPrevious=true & data-min="-100"

Angle offset

Just add data-angleOffset=90 & data-linecap=round

Angle offset and arc

Just add data-angleOffset=-125, data-angleArc=250, data-rotation=anticlockwise

4-digit, step 0.1

Just add data-step=".1", data-min="-10000", data-max="10000"


Just add data-readOnly=true

Tron Style

Just add data-skin="tron"

Tron Angle offset

Just add data-skin="tron"

Different Sizes

Just add data-width and set width for perfect size

Different Colors

Just add data-fgColor and set color code