7 Best Places To Sell Premium WordPress Themes And Plugins

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01, Feb 2023
7 Best Places To Sell Premium WordPress Themes And Plugins

If you're a WP developer or designer looking to monetize your work, you're probably wondering where the best places are to sell your premium WordPress assets. You are in the right place. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best places to sell your premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Whether you are a designer or developer. There is a common question that arises like this.

· I want to sell themes for WordPress, but where can I do that?

· What is the best marketplace for selling WordPress themes?

· Is there a site where I can sell my plugins for WordPress?

· My WordPress plugins are for sale, but where?

· I'm selling WordPress plugins, but where should I place them?

· What are my options for selling themes for WordPress?

As a result, there are quite a few marketplaces for WP digital assets.

WordPress is a well-known content management system in the web world. Around 820 million websites will be using this platform by 2023 if estimates are to be believed. Its active community represents about 44% of all websites. More developers and designers are focusing all their efforts on developing web projects due to the abundance of attractive themes, tons of plugins, and ease of customization provided by WordPress.

If you've used WordPress CMS, you're already familiar with ThemeForest & CodeCanyon. In terms of WP themes and plugins, these two marketplaces are the biggest. The market is full of competition. To find an alternative to ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, we conducted our own research. In response, we have collected the most relevant results. We hope this effort helps you find the best! Deals.


1. TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster began its journey in 2002 and debuted as a marketplace in 2017. They are serious about high-quality design. Users can build a web project with a wide range of templates in a few hours.

Their templates gallery is packed with categories such as WordPress, Shopify, HTML, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Joomla. Plus they offer plugins and extensions to build high-quality websites.

In 2019, they introduced a premium monthly subscription service named MonsterONE. The plan gives you access to 264000+ items with simple licensing and reliable support.

It is similar to ThemeForest in terms of price.

For Being an Author on TemplateMonster, their Product Review Team accepts the highest quality products from top-rated authors. Learn more - Selling and Being an Author.

2. MOJO Marketplace

Mojo is an all-in-one marketplace dedicated to WordPress themes and plugins. It has over 1000+ premium themes and templates with a price range from $15 to $100.

This platform deserves mention for its WPLive support service, which is the best part of it. The WPLive team possesses thorough knowledge of WordPress and sincerely cares about finding answers to all of your questions.

Customer service based on this concept is refreshing -

WP Live Lite - helps you get unstuck with fast answers via fast email support for $29/ month.

WP Live - For $49/month, you can get fast email support and live chat support.

And with WP Live Pro, you can build and maintain your website with advanced features and improve it as you need. It includes fast email support, live chat support, or expert call support for $149/month.

Learn more about selling on MOJO by visiting the Sellers Guide.

3. Codentheme

Codentheme is an excellent option for those looking to tap into a more specialized customer base. The most considerable part about Codentheme is the standard, across-the-board 70% profit share for everyone. Developers and designers can buy and sell web development assets. There are no exclusivity requirements. Become a seller does have a review process for submissions that is very simple and less confusing than other marketplaces. Members of affiliate programs are eligible to receive 10% of each purchase. It is a great opportunity for those looking to make some extra money.

Codentheme offers a wide range of themes and plugins for WordPress, Shopify, HTML, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Joomla. The Code & Scripts category includes pre-made PHP scripts, Java scripts, and CSS.

Comparatively, There is no problem with the price point.

There is a trustworthy support team with email/Live Chat support that is available 24/7.

4. InkThemes

Inkthemes is another marketplace that offers 2500+ WordPress themes and 400+ plugins. This site also offers PHP scripts, products such as email marketing, subscription billing, and a form builder. Here you will receive everything you need to create a WordPress site from scratch.

The pricing is very affordable. You may access 2000+ InkThemes themes for just $247 (All Products Membership Plan). And if you go for a single product, that will cost you $79. There is a reliable support team with 1-to-1 Live Chat Support that is available 24/7.

5. ThemePalace

ThemePalace is less noisy than other marketplaces. Despite that, they have a lot of high-quality amazing themes curated by their own experienced design team. They also provide space for independent creators with secure and standard coding. The site has free themes in its collection. The Pro themes come with one year of licensing for $59 each. But their plugin list is limited, including TP PeiBuilder.

6. CodeGrape

CodeGrape is an ideal marketplace for ready-to-use web development materials and print works. Therefore, it is very popular among the coders and development community, since it helps you to develop and reduce project time and cost.

They have 600+ scripts, 20,000+ prints, and 250+ mobile apps in their collection. If we talk about WordPress, we can explore 700+ themes and 200+ plugins. Become an author on codegrape.

7. Codester

Codester is a well-reputed place to find WordPress themes and other digital products. With new users signing up every day, there is no doubt that it has a solid foundation. Theme-wise, you can find 350+ WordPress Themes, while plugin-wise, 200+ unique plugins are available. Support can be accessed through a submit a request form. You can sell your work if you like.


## Business Tip:

If you want to experience these marketplaces, start with a free, or basic version of your theme/plugin. This will enable you to gain the trust of your customers and the marketplace. They will learn more about your products. It was an investment that may really pay off.

Final Words

These are the leading marketplaces for purchasing and selling Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins. No matter which marketplace you choose, make sure to do your research and read reviews before becoming an author. Doing so will help you make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Please share your experience if you have already participated. It's a pleasure to hear from you.

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