Manage Membership Package

To add or edit membership packages. Go to admin > Membership > All packages, Here you will find a list of all the packages.

Edit a package to change its details.

  • Monthly Price - Monthly price of the package
  • Yearly Price - Yearly price of the package
  • Lifetime Price - One-time price of the package
  • Vcards Limit - Limit how many vcards a user can create
  • Vcard Blocks Limit - Limit vcard blocks per vcard
  • QR code builder - QR code builder for the vcard
  • Add to contact button - Ability to show the "Add to Contact" button on vcards.
  • Removable branding - Ability to remove the branding from the vcards.
  • Recommended - Mention the plan as recommended
  • Custom Settings - Custome settings for the plan

To edit the details of the Free Plan, Go to admin > Quickvcard Options > Membership and here you can edit the free plan.