How to customize the appearance of the Bookme booking form?

In the Bookme plugin, you can easily customize the front-end booking form to match your style. You can change the colors, layout and many more things.

Customize the form

Go to Bookme menu > Appearance to customize the booking form.

  • Primary Color- This color is used for the main texts and backgrounds.
  • Secondary Color- This color is used for the texts on the primary color backgrounds.
  • Progress Bar- Show/hide the progress bar (steps) of the booking form.
  • Service duration next to service name- Show/hide the service duration next to the service name in the service select field.
  • Service price next to employee name- Show/hide the service price next to the employee name in the employee select field.
  • Form Layout- Change the form layout to two columns or one column.

Custom CSS

If you are familiar with CSS then you can customize the booking form with custom CSS.

  1. Go to the Appearance page and click on the Custom CSS button.
  2. A form will appear, you need to enter your custom CSS in this form. And do not include the style tag.
  3. Save the form and check the booking page.